Nobody enjoys visiting a slow website, and that feeling of dread is amplified when it’s your site that isn’t loading. Studies have shown that a slow website can lead to a loss of conversions — not to mention some very frustrated customers. Keeping your website snappy and smooth doesn’t require much. Even if you don’t have time to monitor your website regularly, you can still use these simple tricks to speed up your website in no time at all.

Diagnose Your Website Speed

Before you begin making changes to your website, the first step is to determine how slow your pages actually are. …

When was the last time you looked at your website — like really gave it a thorough going over? A year, two years, when it was built a decade ago?

Auditing your website is similar to getting an annual check-up for your body. It is a time that is set aside each year to check that all systems are working properly. Unless there is something glaringly wrong with your website (or your body) it can be easy to overlook the need for a regular audit.

Yet, if you want to AVOID the major issues that can crop up on the…

Every website is unique; an opportunity to share your incredible business with the world. And while it is great to design your website to stand out in the crowd, there are certain elements that should always be included in your design. Especially your homepage web design.

Whether you’re building a website yourself or working with a designer, here is a checklist of 5 key things to include on the homepage of your website!

Branding: Where Web Design Begins

Before your viewer’s eye catches anything else on your website, they need to know that they’re in the right place. …

When it comes to website design, things are always changing. Or maybe it’s more appropriate to say things are always advancing. 2021 is no exception. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the World Wide Web is more valuable than ever in keeping us connected to our work, our world, and one another. To keep up with the changing world around us, web designers find new ways to express this change in the digital world. …

When it comes to building your website, the options can be overwhelming. Do I build my website on WordPress vs Squarespace? What about Wix? And Shopify? How do they compare and which one is right for my site? These are all great questions that I get asked by clients all the time! In this article, I explain the difference between the four most popular website builders. Read on to find out which one is right for you.

What Does Each Website Builder Offer?

Before we discover which platform is right for your website, let’s take a look at the key differences between each platform.


WordPress launched…

Building a website is a collaborative experience. It requires a partnership between the client or business and the developer — or in some cases, multiple developers: front end and backend developers.

Websites are composed of both the client-side and the server-side. The client-side is the elements that you see when you interact with a website. The backend or server-side includes all of the functionality and data that make the website work. While some web developers have experience and can perform both front end and backend development, the two roles are unique and require different skills.

When it comes to building…

It was in a conversation with a client that I first realized how overwhelmed people are by SEO. When I asked if she was using on-page and off-page SEO, she groaned.

“I know SEO is important,” she said, “But I just don’t have time for that. I’m busy enough trying to focus on blogging and social media.”

What my client didn’t realize is that blogging and social media both impact search engine optimization. In fact, “SEO” is not an obscure task that requires the expertise of a third-party agency. …

There are currently over 1.7 billion websites on the internet. Yep, you read that correctly! 1.7 billion. But don’t worry, If that statistic sounds daunting, only about 15% of those sites are active. While the competition may seem fierce, the truth is, these numbers are just that: numbers.

Today, we’re going to focus on the one website that matters most: yours.

If you’re experiencing a lag in website traffic, you are not alone. As of 2019, at least 91% of content on the internet wasn’t getting any traffic from Google. …

In your school days, you might have learned about the basics of color, including the understanding of a color wheel that plays an essential role when you need to create a ravishing color scheme. It was all about the color harmony at that time. Still, as you grew older and chose the “Graphic Designing” profession as a chief source of your income, it certainly makes you want to take a deep dive into color psychology — the way the human mind perceives color.

Know that good design cannot come to life if the illustration is using both red and orange…

Building a website that performs and converts is no small task. As a business, your website is your top-performing sales rep and it needs to look the part. Before you dive into a project with a web designer, however, it pays to first have a few details squared away.

Every web designer has a unique approach to their work — and like graphic designers — a recognizable style in how they design. Not only that, hiring a web designer with limited experience may not pay off in the long run if the user experience and user interface of your website…

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